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woodworkingPurchasing a bookcase that is well built and constructed from real wood will be expensive. So finding the right bookcase plans and building it yourself is a great option for many woodworkers.

Better Built Using Bookcase Plans and Quality Materials

Bookcases can be found in many places and in many different levels of quality. Most sold by big box retailers or by internet direct ship stores are made completely from particle board and not very well built. I looked at a major suppliers web site and read some of the customer reviews on the bookcases they have for sale. The reviews were very poor. They included quotes like – “well not bad for the money, I guess” and “the back of the bookshelf is made out of cardboard”.

You can do better than “laminated composite woods” and that is why you may be considering building the bookcase yourself! There are great digital plans available for download instantly, just – CLICK HERE – and be amazed! You will find a virtual “Library” of thousands of projects… a woodworkers dream. You can spend hours just “browsing” through the projects and plans!

Here are few of the reasons you should build it yourself:

1- Real Wood! and much more durable.
2- Being able to stain it or paint it to match the room decor correctly.
3- Lasting value of a handmade piece of furniture.
4- Building the size you need rather than settling for what is available.
5- Sizing the shelves for those special items you want to display.
6- Shear fun and enjoyment of building it yourself or with your family.

…. and etc. etc…. not even mentioning the money you will save!

But unless you are very versed in building a bookcase you should have good detailed plans. Why?

Plans can save you money and time. And make your building project a lot more fun. Having the detail list of materials needed and tools you should have available is very important. Mistakes are easy to make and can possibly cause you to have to start over with all or part of the work.

Even with experience in building various type projects I still like to have plans to look over and help me “think” ahead. Many times I have realized that I have forgotten an important step by just looking back at the drawings or the step by step plans.

And these digital plans available today are so quick and easy to use. Once you have this package of plans your biggest problem will be deciding which one to use…. and what you want to do next.


This is going to be a great project… – Jon

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